Headphones That NBA Players Use Most

Headphones That NBA Players Use Most

From alleviating stress, improving mood, managing pain, stimulating memories, or providing sheer entertainment, music helps us in a variety of ways. For athletes, music aids in enhancing performance, delaying fatigue, and increasing work capacity. Moreover, it also helps them get in the zone and the proper mindset prior to their big game. … Read more

Can You Listen to Earbuds While Playing Basketball?

LeBron James wearing earbuds

Basketball is a sport that requires plenty of movements, such as running, dribbling, shooting, etc. At some point, you may have wondered if it is possible to listen to earbuds while in-game. Well, the short answer is yes. You can listen to your earbuds while playing basketball, but make sure that it … Read more

Understanding Basketball Court Markings and Dimensions

basketball court dimensions

Basketball courts usually come in different sizes, but some of their features remain the same, such as the height and length of the basket and its distance to the free-throw line. Most of us probably do not understand all the lines and markings on the basketball court. That is why we have … Read more

Material, Design, and Manufacture: A Guide To How Basketballs Are Made

A Guide To How Basketballs Are Made

Has it ever crossed your mind how basketballs are made? Without these spherical balls being dribbled, passed around, and thrown into the basket, casual players, athletes, and spectators in the world won’t be able to play to see the fantastic sport. Thanks to technology, basketballs have gone a long way in terms … Read more

How Does Technology Affect Basketball?

How Does Technology Affect Basketball

 Technology and the digital revolution have changed and altered countless lives, business industries, and the sporting world. The NBA and its teams have all been open to the new wave of innovations and technologies. From wearable technology to advanced statistics, these and other developments are changing the way basketball is analyzed, watched, … Read more